Thursday, November 08, 2007

A feeble Autumn start.

I was truly shocked when my pal, Tom, an ex Clarendon Parker, now living in Germany, emailled me to say he had just watched the entire 9:48 minutes of the Number 44 bus ride from Charles Street to Queen’s Road on You Tube! If there is truly a thirst for nostalgic items on God’s own Clarendon Park, then I shall make it my duty to keep all ex pats up to date on the too-ings and fro-ings of our busy Queens Road. Every time I pop round there to post a letter, or buy a kit kat, as I just did, I shall take my camera and snap something. As long as I can be arsed I shall bung the best up onto Mr Google’s blog service and amuse all of us. So. Here to kick off with is a general view from outside the Bookies, nee Midland Bank of old and an interior shot of our very well run Newsagents, CP Media Newsagents, formerly County News.

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Ron Combo said...

You've gone blog crazy! Good for you! Any chance of a few shots of the bookies?