Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A new Bar.

Sansome’s is the new bar on Queen’s Rd, lurking behind the Marston’s lorry in the last posting. The name has been recycled from the Haberdashery shop that used to be there. The last place in Leicester you could buy a string vest. I popped in there to try the Pedigree the other night with a few friends. It was a new brew called Pedigree Smooth. A keg beer which I felt was rather a sell out to the traditions of Marston’s Brewery. I tried a couple of pints, while my friends stuck to lager. It had a similar taste and one could imagine the waters flowing across the gypsum of South Derbyshire into Burton on Trent, but somehow it wasn’t quite right. designed for the minimal maintenance required by bars these days. I felt moved to nip over the road to Babalas and have a proper pint, hand pumped by a buxom barmaid. no Pedi that night, but the Timothy Taylor's Landlord was just perfect.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Beautiful Apparition

Something you will only ever see in England. The reassuring sight of a big delivery of Marston’s Pedigree. Seen here outside a new bar on Queen’s Road, Sansomes, named after the drapery store that used to be there. The only place left where one could still purchase a String Vest.

Easy to let the mind wander for the everyday tasks and imagine the waters filtering across the gypsum of Derbyshire, south to Burton-on-Trent where noble men brew, and I mean BREW, Pedi. Oak barrels and brass pipes. Centuries of history. Unchanged methods, all resulting in the perfect pint, and I’ve supped well this evening as you may guess. Cheers and sorry for the absence.