Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Always a queue.

There was a time, some ten years ago, when everyone was concerned that Queens Road was going down hill. There were several empty shops. The shops that survived were (with notable exceptions that still thrive) offering nothing special in terms of service or products. The turning point came when the Quakers 100 year rule ended banning pubs from Queens Road. Hogan's Bar opened immediately. From then on things improved. One person invests, so do other on the back of it. Some four years ago Jackson's appeared on the scene, putting the lacklustre Spar out of business within weeks. I hate supermarkets, their bright lights and cunning ways of overcharging you and convincing you it’s a special offer simultaneously, but Jackson's is offering residents what they want from 7 to 11 every day. Oddly, their planning application to expand was refused as locals thought it made Queens Road too busy!


Diplomat said...

Oh my lord - what on earth have they done with the fenestration ? Ghastly sin compounded by apalling brick match in the attempt at concealement. Will we never learn - what are the planners playing at ? I do like the convenient drug dealer's bike rack out front - bit like a horse rail in Black Rock.

Ron Combo said...

Who on earth are Jackson's? Leave the country for ten years and they change everything. Typical.