Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not Queens Rd.

I'm just back from a week in Jersey and know that a few of you out there enjoy a good example of the architecture. Jersey Airport proclaims to have been built in 1937 and as most of it is still there under the hideous addition on top, it is not difficult to imagine the De-Haviland's taxiing in and disgorging their wealthily clientele. In the north of the Island (Jersey is only 44 sq. miles in total) there is this delightful school at St Johns, originally built in 1901, but extended, in the same style, in 1929. If only the architects of the Airport extension had been as considerate those who extended the school.

On a bit of a tangent, and according to my uncle, who is the holder of such information, my maternal Grandmother flew back from Cairo in about 1934-36 in a Handley Page Hannibal or Horsa.   The seats were Lloyd loom basket chairs (for reduced weight)  arranged like a lounge, not in rows as they are now. One of her fellow passengers was Geoffrey De Haviland of aircraft fame.


Peter Ashley said...

What a wonderful glimpse of Jersey stuff, thankyou. Did you see Bergerac?

Toby Savage said...

No, only the Bergerac Tea Rooms. Couldn't find 'that' school either. You'd think they would put a tourist sign up!

A F-A said...

I always hoped that, one day, a very old man in a grey uniform would suddenly climb out of one of the very deep tunnels and ask: "Ze it uber? Has Der Fuehrer won?"