Wednesday, February 18, 2009

All gone.

Almost as quickly as it came, saw and conquered, so it has melted with the exception of these massive snow balls rolled in the park looking rather incongruous in the sunshine. I listened last week to the news on local radio casting doom and gloom about closed schools, buses not running, the county ground to a standstill etc. etc. What a stark contrast this made to the reality on the streets and in the parks, where everyone was out having fun - snowball fights, tobogganing and building snowmen. I guess that will be it now, possibly for some years. What fun it was and how it brought back memories of ones own childhood as a crisp, well formed snowball goes down the back of your neck.


Affer said...

...building slides that went the length of the playground - now banned. Finding the deepest snow to lay in and make 'snow angels' - now banned. Struggling to school through two feet of snow, wellies on feet and plimsole bag over shoulder, to huddle around a pot-bellied stove - not necessary as, at the merest sniff of a snow-flake, school is closed.

Diplomat said...

'round here the snow melted bloody weeks ago !