Tuesday, November 25, 2008

çok tesekkür ederim!

We should give a warm welcome to the Turks who have brought reasonably priced fresh food to Queens Road. Lurking between two Queens, Indian Restaurant and Chinese Takeaway, Zesty’s is, strictly speaking, a takeaway, but it has seating and if one happens to sit down, through tiredness you understand, the guys who run it will bring your food over, to save you the effort of walking three feet to collect it from the counter. Once comfy, you may as well eat it there, to save walking home and allowing the home made bread to go cold. Three of us ate eight mezes. Three of which were stuffed peppers, as they are so good. Washed it down with a pot of tea and walked out having spent under twenty quid. This is fantastic value as every mouthful is delicious. They seem to be open virtually all the time and always greet one with a smile. Good for them. Babalas don’t seem to mind one popping over there to use their loo, especially if it’s their Timothy Taylors one is rejecting from the bladder.


A F-A said...

Gosh, that does look really good! Very Bodrum ;-). Elsewhere, I have bemoaned the demise of the simple English cafe, and the truth is that when an enterprising Turk, Greek, Hong Kong-ian etc can do this, why would you bother with badly cooked sausage egg and chips in sordid surroundings? Queens Road is becoming a very cool place...I miss it!

Peter Ashley said...

Marvellous, take me there now. In a nice way, of course.