Friday, November 14, 2008

One to take the edge off.

Friday night and spoilt for choice. All within walking distance. Starting foreground, left there is a fine selection of cocktails and bottled beers at Bar Dos Hermanos, our local Cuban Bar. Big and always busy. Great atmosphere. Draught beer tends not to be quite so well kept and are always a tad disappointing, but they serve quite the best G&T. Double measures of Bombay Sapphire, stacks of ice, lime and Schweppes. Moving on down there is Sansomes. Bit brash and yet to hit the spot with the locals. Mainly lagers and this new Marstons Pedigree ‘Smooth’. It’s a keg beer - easy to look after. It sounds harsh, but Sansomes is just not quite Clarendon Parky enough. Maybe cruise over the road to Babalas wine bar. Cosy and full of atmosphere. The sort of place you can peer into and usually see a familiar face, if solo drinking. My personal favourite thanks to a good choice of wines and the all conquering - Timothy Taylors Landlord draught bitter. Could then stay on the same side of the road and ease on down to Olives Bar on the first floor of the corner premises, above Subway. Not been in and I find there is a mental barrier about entering somewhere that you can’t see into. Final option would be to walk up the end of Montague Rd and visit The Clarendon. Rather naff 30’s building. About 15 years ago The Clarendon was the ONLY bar here, served great draught beers and was rammed, but has had to try very hard in the light of such tempting opposition. As it’s just a stumble too far, I’ve not been in for ages. That’s the drinks sorted. Food blog next time.


A F-A said...

Ah....Barceloneta. Wasn't that the scene of a rather good End of The World dinner some years back? I believe my kidneys have now recovered. Just.

Ron Combo said...

Hmm, thank you for that comprehensive review of the drinking opportunities the Queens Road affords you. Aren't you the lucky sodding one.
Just off for a nice rose hip and hibiscus tea.

Peter Ashley said...

You are lucky Toby, having all this on the doorstep. And a few minxes on high bar stools I shouldn't wonder. If I poke my nose out of Ashley Towers the only light I see is the one I've left on in the car. Not a pub for one and a half miles, so I just slowly close the door and reach for the Merlot left over from Sunday lunch.

Rich Serono said...

You have missed out one establishment that is open for drinking. Stay on Queens Road when walking down from Olives to the corner opposite Barclays and Natwest.

Once known as the Knighton and Clarendon Park Conservative Club, it has now dropped the "Conservative", at least from above the door.

Good bitter pulled from a proper tap, kept in a proper cellar, where there is a skittle alley. Always a good Bass and normally an interesting guest (Pride, Pedigree, Bombardier etc...).

Rolls are reassuringly sold wrapped in cellophane in retro flavours such as Corned Beef & Branston.

And there are snooker tables upstairs.

Toby Savage said...

Ah! Rich. Thanks for pointing out that omission. But surely you have to go through some membership ritual past down from Conservative to Conservative over the years, and probably not dropped in the regeneration process. I shall investigate. I’ve actually been in there, years ago, and seen the pool tables. Beauties.

Rich Serono said...

There is an annual fee and a formal membership process, which is a formality. The annual fee is £11, and bizarrely less for a lady.

The snooker tables and pool table upstairs are some of the best in Leicester, and I don't think they can charge more as the lights are controlled by machine and it is 50p for 20 minutes on a snooker table. Not bad.

It's run by a committee, mainly Ron and Bob. I don't think you can aspire to the top ranks unless you have 3 letter name.

Total timewarp.

A F-A said...

Less than £11 for a Lady is remarkably cheap. Presume the 'optional extras' boost it up a bit?

George M Ballentyne said...

Toby, I was looking for a photo to illustrate a blog entry about Sansome's bar, Queens Road - yours appears to be the only one! May I use it on my page? With full written credit, of course, plus a link to your own blog. Yours and mine look like twins!

Offie said...

How about The "Offie" Specialist Beer & Wine Retailer on Clarendon Park Road. Three times National Beer retatailer of the year.
With more than 500 different World class bottled beers & a very impressive Wine list its well worth a visit if you want something a little different from the mainstream.