Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bin there, done that.

Much commotion outside this morning as the Bin Men try to negotiate their way around Clarendon Park. It is the same every week. One or two cars just a few inches out on their parking accuracy and the whole place shuts down. Here we have two culprits from the land of the rising sun narrowing the gap by a good couple of feet and the truck can’t get through. Given that all the streets around here and many other areas of the City comprise terraced houses built around the turn of the century, and most of them have similar width roads, would it not perhaps be worth using a fleet of smaller trucks? Too obvious I guess. Too much like the logic applied by a ten year old, not encumbered by committee thinking. What we need is those ones from the fifties with four gently curved roll up sides and an all up weight of about three tons. I had a Dinky Toy version as a lad. In the time I’ve taken to upload this pic and write this, he’s managed to reverse out and turn round. It’s taken 15 minutes. They may come back and do our road later in the day. Daft!


Affer said...

What a great picture to wake up to! I absolutely love it because it has everything relevant to our times:
The driver of a giant rubbish truck (why do we have so much more rubbish NOW than we did THEN?) on his mobile phone (how did we solve problems before them?).
The drug dealer Supra (why do we need a) drug dealers, b) Supras?).
Loads of cars...which spend most of their life parked!

Toby Savage said...

Unfair to associate all two seater Japanese cars with drug dealers surely Affa!!

Toby Savage said...

I've just heard some rather chilling news about this waste crew. Apparently the reason they came round today (Weds), instead of the usual day, yesterday, is that one of their team fell into the truck and was killed! If this is true I am terribly sorry for all of them and the poor chaps family.

Ron Combo said...

Very space-age dustbin lorry. That'll have cost a few bob.

Diplomate said...

drug dealer's supra is parked about three feet from the kerb ! What you need is a Karrier dust cart with a rootes TS3 motor, that'll wake the bastards up.

Peter Ashley said...

In my yoof dustbin men ran about all over the place, down back yards, down gardens, down everywhere. Tipping the bins into a Shelvoke & Drury with a merry whistle and a wink at the young uns.